Kurtis with Matching Mask

Our motherland is blessed with a unique heritage, impeccable culture and handcraft. We are the proud custodians of this legacy and the pillars who support the robust growth of this aspect in our economy.

As we are braving this adversity, let us lend a helping hand to those hands that create magic at the  grassroots and at every realm of the process.

These handmade masks, made out of handloom cotton embrace the beauty of Indian creativity .And designer face masks trending as a fashion statement across the globe makes way for the Indian story.

Our cotton face masks are layered with good protection as per globally accepted guidelines. We have followed free size for the masks and have followed strict sanitisation protocols for making the same. These non-surgical masks are snug fit , washable and can be reused .Reusable face masks have the dual benefit of comfort and ease of disposal without being environmentally hazardous.

Fabric face masks offer breathability, good aesthetic and come as three layered mask, double layered mask and single layered mask.Double layered masks with inner fusing of non-woven fabric is also available.

This is also an initiative to support our skilled workers, hand block printers and weavers in hours of darkness and distress

Thank you for your support