About us

Two fledglings nestled in soft dreams were destined to fly. They glanced upon rainbow hues, heard melodious tunes, captured the colors of spring, and imbibed the light and delight of festivals. The tinkling magic of luminous world became the weave and weft as a spinning wheel of their mind captured the stardust of art and imagination.

Maithri Anand

and Anupama , two childhood friends chose to weave the fable in their hearts –the legend of heritage, beauty and celebration. Choosing a world of their own, with an appetite to 'innovate ' and the willingness to work tirelessly they dared to create "works of art" on textiles. The confluence of their creativity combined with a burning passion, results in mind-blowing creations woven in an assortment of garments. Brand -"Vedhika", captures and celebrates the colors of life with all their innocence, passions, and joys on the loom of innovation.

Brand -"Vedhika" indeed is celebrating life with inspired panache!

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Tel: +91 471 4099940 
E-mail: info@vedhika.in
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