Mayaa- The woman of Illusions


    She is truth. She is myth. She is faith.

    Mayaa weaves a tale of rich tradition and art, embracing cultural moorings and rediscovering her resplendence. She evokes the aura of an era gone by and celebrates its ancestry and legacy.

    The fragrance of freshly plucked mullapoo , flavour of soft ghee mysurpa ,  Hindustani harmony of the antique harmonium and the compassion her deep kajal filled eyes behold…

    Is she an Illusion ?  Is she Eternal ? Will these memoirs last forever ?

    Mayaa is inspiring. Mayaa is empowering. In her, we find true resonance.

    Mayaa discovers a treasure trove of classic kanjivaram silks,dipped  in heritage hues .It has been intricately woven embracing a timeless design philosophy with motifs that symbolise prosperity, happiness and abundance.Every sari in the collection is woven with lots of love and prayers by our master weavers .May the draped be brimming with bliss .



    From the sweet-smelling tulsi vadamulla that symbolise divine hues that deck the braids, mayil chakras that strike the gold of royal splendour , sindhoori red which  fondly adorns the forehead,orange kesari drooling with ghee in the tastebuds,the banarasi brocades enriched with songs of romance woven on it…In these Mayaa finds her voice.

    Which is the light we carry ?festive soul



    Sacred resilience.

    Kasuti Motifs Kanjivaram Silk

    Rs. 26,800.00

    Kanchivaram silk sari in a shade of maroon with Kasuti motifs woven in the sari and a bottle green pallu and blouse.


    Roja pink Kanchivaram sari

    Rs. 26,800.00

    Roja pink Kanchivaram silk woven with Kasuti motifs and elachi color pallu and blouse .   Package Contents: 1 Saree,1 Blouse


    Maroon Kanjivaram silk sari

    Rs. 36,200.00

    Maroon Kanjivaram silk sari with traditional bhutas and a rich border and pallu with Annam motifs .The matte finish antique sari makes it a divine classic.


    Pastel blue Kanchivaram silk sari

    Rs. 21,400.00

    Pastel blue Kanchivaram silk sari woven with paisleys and finely woven zari border and pallu .The traditional motifs make the sari an eternal classic and a beauty to behold forever...


    Manjal (turmeric yellow )

    Rs. 18,900.00

    Kanchipuram silk saree woven with box concept placement design on the chest,pleats and pallu. The festive orange juxtaposed with traditional yellow epitomises eternal elegance.


    Kanchivaram silk sari in MS blue color

    Rs. 18,900.00

    Kanchivaram silk sari in MS blue color that celebrates the sari legacy of the nightingale of Carnatic music,MS Subbulakshmi .The rich blue color is synonymous with the iconic musician .The...


    Tulsi Green Kanjivaram Silk

    Rs. 15,900.00

    Tulsi green Kanjivaram silk with vadamulla (flower)that embodies traditional elegance and beauty.The rich zari border makes the sari brim with festive pride .


    Broad border Kanchivaram silk sari

    Rs. 74,900.00

      A magnificent wedding saree in gajar orange woven with luxurious paisley motifs .The grand border and pallu enhances its beauty. Package Contents: 1 Saree,1 Blouse


    Copper Round Kanchivaram silk saree

    Rs. 35,900.00

    Kanchivaram sari bestowed with the beauty of bronze and gold matte finish zari .The Anna chakras in the sari woven in pure antique gold zari enhance the classic style of...


    Meenakari design Kanjivaram silk sari

    Rs. 42,800.00

    Kanjivaram silk sari graced with matte finish zari brocade .The Meenakari design woven with grandeur enriches the sari with a classic bridal elegance.

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