Musing Antiquity

    Ajrakh is one of the most timeless and resilient crafts in the country.Musing Antiquity romanticises cultural moorings and rediscovers our roots .It transforms

    We salute our ancient art and craft heritage. When you purchase a piece of ‘Musing Antiquity’, you empower livelihoods at the grassroots and embrace Mother India with love and pride.

    It transforms the modest craft into something truly extraordinary by reviving an age-old tradition that exudes old-world charm with contemporary design aesthetics.

    “I stay true to my identity, embracing my legacy, inherent in Indian essence. And that I choose as my destiny”.

    Ajrakh cotton sari

    Rs. 9,900.00

    Ajrakh cotton sari in a partly concept and designer blouse with delicate handwork .It is a timeless style statement for the multi hyphenate.


    Blue ajrakh strappy gown

    Rs. 6,900.00

    Blue ajrakh print strappy gown that celebrates the comfort of cotton and the classic beauty of hand block print .A perfect wear for summer mornings and breezy evenings .


    Cotton Mango sleeveless gown

    Rs. 9,900.00

    This paisley design gown on ajrakh cotton with dainty embroidery on the neckline is a perfect pride to one’s wardrobe.


    Red ajrakh anarkali

    Rs. 14,900.00

    Red ajrakh anarkali with stunning handwork using gold khadthaana work that exudes grace and glamour .This festive Anarkali is a perfect choice to make heads turn !


    Black Anarkali Kurti

    Rs. 12,500.00

    Black Anarkali with intricate handwork detailing using grey hues of metallic embellishments.A piece that will   celebrates the luxury of our craftsmanship   Package Contents: 1 Kurti


    Indigo ajrakh kurt

    Rs. 12,900.00

    Indigo ajrakh kurti with floral design that has been enhanced with beautiful glass khadthaana and chamki handwork .


    Yellow angarkha in Anarkali

    Rs. 14,500.00

    This yellow angarkha in Anarkali pattern is brimming with a classic look .The fine handwork with deep crimson sugar beads, khadthaana and thread work accentuates the beauty of the kurti...


    Ajrakh kurta with floral motifs

    Rs. 14,900.00

     Ajrakh kurta with floral motifs ,lovingly block printed by hand and beautified with rich zari hand work .   Package Contents: 1 Kurti


    Ajrakh Anarkali Kali pattern Kurti

    Rs. 10,900.00

    Ajrakh Anarkali with intricate handwork on the neckline .The Kali pattern in colors of red and blue makes the design a piece de resistance .The design finds inspiration from the...


    Anarkali graced ajrakh full Dress

    Rs. 16,900.00

    An Anarkali graced with the design of beautiful zardosi paisley motifs ,handcrafted with love .The ajrakh fabric is block printed by hand and red in ajrakh signifies earth and blue...

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