’It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing well, both for oneself and others’ H.H - Dalai Lama.

These great words by His Holiness holds true today when the world is gripped in one of the worst pandemic of all times, crippling normal lives, livelihoods, social endeavours and economic activity.

One of the most valuable resources of our motherland is the power of ‘crafting by hand’. The textile Industry is the second largest employer in the country, providing livelihood for 45 million people. It contributes 12% of India’s export earnings. By ensuring native creativity through this skill the indigenous economy will flourish, supporting a plethora of skilled weavers, embroiders, printers, tailors and the retail segment of staff. 

Donning the cap of a designer and employer, if not of a conscious citizen it is, we the people, who are the true custodians of our craft legacy and willingly rise to the level of patrons and try to buy Indian-every time we decide to make a purchase. It is at times of uncertainty and disruption like these that we discover our inner selves and the soul in everything that surrounds us. It is truly home where our heart lies. The choices we make, and what we wear represent the people who make it and being ‘sensitive shoppers’, driven by national or regional sentiments is the need of the hour. Let us be catalyst in saving our precious looms, our gifted craftspeople and their communities. And let us embrace home-grown talent and Made in India products.

Why fashionable masks in hours of distress?

As we all well know, art has often been a solace to the dust of distress and fashion as one of its off shoots has resurfaced and survived wars, epidemics, social upheavals and natural disasters.

World over, people from the biggest design houses to the tailor at the nook of a village are embracing the art and creativity of masks as a global pandemic trend and a respite and in colouring their chequered conflicts. Creativity in conflict leads to new revolution.

Our masks are made encompassing the textile heritage of our region and country, supporting our weavers in Balarampuram and Khadi weavers of Payanur. This is with the vision of promoting the textile industry of Kerala and the beauty and diversity of God’s own country and its fashion legacy. We believe in social purpose and social equity. These masks are washable and can be reused.It is manufactured, following strict sanitisation protocols.

‘’Let kindness be the cotton, contentment the thread,

Modesty the knot and truth the twist” The Light in All is one.


Maithri Srikant Anand