The Great Indus Drape is a collection that is loved, appreciated and supported by our patrons,clients. For me, the collection is a tribute to India’s textile heritage, its chequered history of partition stories ,a symbol of resilience that successfully surpassed the ravages of time.
The Great Indus Drape was created by us after an in-depth research about the craft through various fashion resources and repositories like the Calico Museum of Textiles. All these trace the intrinsic history of the textile as well as the emergence of fashion in-terms of silhouettes, patterns, styles etc,Made with the finest of handwork by the artisans of Vedhika on hand-block printed fabrics that were made to order. The collection truly celebrated Indian handcrafted luxury. This is the story of the Great Indus Drape. On a personal front, when the collection was at its peak, I was battling health issues,anguish. An ankle fracture leading to complete immobility topped the challenge. Digital technology bridged the gap between the dyers and blockprinters,design team, artisans, production factory and art team for shooting .The first meeting for the branding was an hour after returned with my new found cast.I told myself, this too shall pass and once I rise, I would want to watch this collection being a blockbuster. At the eve of the shoot, I was filled with hurdles-Physical and emotional.
The universe gave me the strength and the blessing to tide over this and when the sun rose I took my walker to the shoot location hopping on one leg. The Kanakakunnu palace and the fresh air of my beloved city embraced me with a feeling that no words can describe. Our in-house team, the life-blood and the models who supported me with no boundaries. On that dewy morning,I saw many teary eyed faces upon seeing my plight. But, I was there because they were all there for me, tirelessly with utmost sincerity to their work.Professionalism, aesthetics made pure magic .My lovely muse Chakki (Malavika Jayaram) and pretty models Punya Elizabeth, Jahnavi Nair caries it with style and pride.The fabrics and the faces who have journeyed here to the person who adorns it with joy and pride ,you have my heart ❤️