“Wake up to a morning that promises to give u nothing but the best”.Actor Kushboo lives this philosophy in full happiness and cheer.A versatile actor, film producer ,politician, she dons all her avatars in signature style.

As the name Kushboo implies fragrance,she was in the city of Thiruvananthapuram to spread her fragrance at the National Conference on Women PoliceIt was wonderful to catch up with the 44 year old actor  over tea and pineapple pastries ,on matters pertaining to work, well being and empowerment of women . Kushboo confesses that she is a self taught person .She jokes about how in the sets of Raja Nanna Raja  her first film in South ,actors Venkatesh and Nagarjuna who at that time had just got back with American degrees had helped her polish her English accent !

The mother of 2 daughters,Avanthika and Anandita ,Kushboo shares insights on women power .And I tune in…

1.Charming and chirpy, your jewellery, hairstyle and saris make a fashion statement..the secret behind this style formula..

Smiles  ..No secrets!As you grow older , after many fashion flops ,make up flaws,you realize them all and  evolve .This  maturity over the years has helped me realize what suits me the best.

2.Your were dividing time between family and work,kindly share the recipe for women to a harmonious work life balance..

Priority is the key factor for a woman to balance home and career.A career is important but however when children come in, its important to give them time and care.My day starts at 5 am ,right from cooking and packing lunch for the children and seeing them off to school.They are different like chalk and cheese,and that means making two varieties of lunch for the two of them.(laughs)

I don’t work on Sundays and ensure not to take work home or have official meetings there when kids are at home.

  1. Star mom,still revered and celebrated,and a film maker father(Sunder C), how do you handle this fame with your daughters?

Until last year I used to drop and pick them up from school .Sunder and me make it a point to be around for their birthdays, school founders day and like to see them perform and encourage their interests. They know that although appa and amma are celebrities they always have quality time for us. All awards and citations remain in office and home space is for family bonding!

Since Sunder travels for shoots,I don’t travel much and try to take holidays only during the kids’ school holidays.( And  sometimes Sunder can’t make it and  me the girls go for getaways and have a great time..laughs)

4.Role of women in transforming social  and economic landscape of the State..

To begin with,it is important for women to start economic planning at an early age.This would help in curbing dowry,abuse etc that are many a time ,an outcome of lack of economic independence.Education is must for a girl and her family.When she’s financially stable,she can take life’s lows and highs in its stride.

Being very versatile in playing different roles in their families,women can make transformational changes in society and economy and in understanding scenarios and its impact on people.



5.Kushboo,the sizzling star and thinking actor of all times..Describe the power of cinema and stardom on mindset of the people and its role in empowering women..

Films are fictional and for entertainment. I think an artist’s image off screen is equally important in the perception of women empowerment.

6..Being an entrepreneur ,what  do you think are the tasks new women entrepreneurs are facing today?

First of all, they need to swim against the tide. It is important to face failures to be strong .One needs to enjoy one’s downs and up’s to be confident .Above all, family support  and a good family support system is essential for women entrepreneurs.

7.In what ways can an  empowered woman like you pass on your strengths in adding value to other people’s lives especially women..

I think its difficult to quantify this but I suppose I am able to make difference by voicing my opinion.i recently tweeted about the sadistic act of speeding behind ambulances while it makes way through the traffic. Many bikers wrote back for having given them a food for thought, regret and deterrence.

8.After having acted in many malayalam films with some of the superstars in the industry and being in the State for different functions…share your connect with Kerala..

Kerala..The word itself makes me smile! It’s truly God’s own country..Pristine and beautiful! The wonderful soil and the lush green here after the monsoons, make it out the world! And I love aapams and mutton stew.


9.You have been revered like  a deity..your exert an influence par excellence..The magic of this  aura 

Laughs …I don’t understand this admiration, Each time I hear this I look into the mirror and ask why?(innocent smile,,,)

10.Having joined a political party recently,can you please share your thoughts on women’s role in redefining the idea of nationalism in today’s times..

Women can redraw the political landcape with dynamism .In every spectrum of work,be it technology,police forces,legislative etc women should be involved and With their hardwork and determination, they can certainly make a mark by serving the nation.They should pursue their dreams with a vision .More women have to come forward and be willing to take up the challenge of governance .And thereby as a united nation ,uphold the tricolor ,helping it soar sky high.

11.You are a celebrated personality and a politician on the rise .There are organizations that work with Government in bringing policies that would bring a shift in perception about women’s safety and security.Your views on it..

Definitely such organizations give helping hands to a woman to empower herself .Protection and safety of women is foremost and empowerment is only next.Pertinently,the constant fear from the mind has to be taken away and they should feel safe to be on their own.This sense of freedom,relief,and security is the first step to empowerment.

It is important to foster gender equality at all levels in the nation, from grassroots to the top corridors of power.

Yes, “ the hand that rocks the cradle or cooks the sambar can certainly steer the country,if not the world”


Interview Published in the Hindu Metro Plus.