As Team Mili met team Vedhika over the storyline of Mili movie we decided to give our time and special efforts for ‘Mili’. Extremely motivational plot, fine star cast and an engaging script, one of its challenges has been the portrayal of the different facets of ‘Mili’, well portrayed through the prowess of a multifaceted actress like Amala Paul. 

Shot in and around the landmarks of Kerala’s capital city, Trivandrum like the iconic SFS Cyber Palms Housing Project, Ambrosia Bake house and Vedhika designer fashion store, the film is indeed a beautiful picture reel of the city with smart screenplay and melodious music.

In this much awaited Nivin Pauly and Amla Paul starrer, Mili rises from her 
complexes, anguish and adversities like the phoenix rising from its own ashes! With the selection of an exquisite color palette, textures and textile design patterns like Shibori ,hand block printing  in soft chanderi for Mili’s attire ,by Vedhika designer fashion store, her myriad emotions have been well captured and translated in the journey of her life. Subtle yet strong, simple yet intricate, that is Mili and Vedhika for you! 

So, what costume completes a woman? 

Vedhika reflects the reply through the costumes and climax in this movie!

And what makes a woman self reliant and successful?

Mili would run into your mind, mill the answer and find her way to your hearts!